Thursday, October 1, 2009

Meridian of Mobility

JAMES - I was contacted awhile ago about doing a poster for Ra Ra Riot's show here in NC. I'm a big fan of the band (and also a very big fan of their side project Discovery - check that shit out!), so i wanted to have alot of fun making this - they're all such nice people, and I wanted to make something really special for them.

original sketch

I started with research: the band's recent album is called "The Rhumb Line", which refers to a navigational term used to describe a line or path that intersects latitudes (or something like that). While I was doing a little sketching of ideas, I came across a half-finished sketch I had done awhile ago. It had the basic colors and forms already set, but there was no concept or specific imagery. But it was a great starting point to wind up with what you see above.

The images consist of three main parts, shown above. The first two, the smoke and the train, were little model cut-outs I made. Similar to my approach with the demon on the King Khan poster, I wanted these parts to be three-dimensional, and eventually end up being photographed to show the shadows that these cut-outs make as they lean against paper (which you can see in the detail shot below). Since the whale was under-water, I actually wanted him to appear recessed into the poster - so I drew him as usual with a brush and ink, but I used halftones in the final coloring to make him appear 'within' the water.

detail shot

I knew this would be a two-color design, but I love the color created by the overlap of the two colors, giving me a third color to work with - and in the final print, that purple-y color looks so velvety smooth. I hand drew the lettering and added it to the composition, then drew the bubbles in Photoshop, and it was all done.

2-color screenprint, full-bleed 19.5" x 25.5", on 100lb. Cougar Natural paper, edition of 60

They were printed by The Half and Half, and they're full-bleed and larger than usual at about 19.5" x 25.5". The show was last night, and it was so fantastic. As I said, the band and everyone else involved were super cool, as were all the fans at the show. It's great to see people's reactions to the poster first hand. These were selling pretty fast last night, and I did manage to save some and they're available now on my website and through Click here to buy.


  1. hey! i happened 2 find dis blog by coincidence... and let me tell ya... i luv it!! im from costa rica, and dis afternoon is getting so boring so i decide 2 draw somthin 2 practice a lil on my still undeveloped skills.. and googled da word "tattoo"... wat took me 2 a sketch of amy winehouse.... wat also finally took me here!!... its just.. amazing... !.. im copying a lot of drawings from here cuz theyre just my style!... so, shot outs! and i'll keep passing by!!! (i hope u understood... im still working on my english jaja....)

  2. Melissa- thanks so much for the kind words about our blog, that really means alot! Good luck with the drawings, have fun!

    James- I think this might be my new favorite! The concept along with the whole design is perfect. It's beautiful, it's like a bedtime story.

  3. thanks youse guys.
    Tom - since youu like it so much, i'll save one for you and send it out soon.
    Melissa - great to hear from you. best of luck and i hope we get to see your stuff soon.

  4. Is there anyway I can buy this poster? It's amazing!

    If so email me at