Thursday, September 10, 2009


JAMES - so the other day, i was buzzing my hair, and as i got real close to the skin i revealed a black spot on my head. i spent the rest of the day trying to strategically arrange double mirrors to try and see what the hell it was. was it a tick? dried blood? or maybe that microchip they inserted when i was on that spaceshi.... well, if it was a tick, it was long gone. and i have no symptoms of anything remotely serious (i spent alot of time that day looking at google links to tick stuff). it was probably just a regular insect bite. my head looks like an apple with a worm hole - nice! (don't laugh)
anyway, i've been working furiously on a ton of new projects - none of which i can start posting till next week (thus, the lack of posts recently).


  1. Weird, man. Hopefully it's not a tick. It's more likely that microchip...

  2. haha, a wonderful translation of neuroses into art.