Thursday, March 26, 2009

"While We're At It..."

JAMES - another new sketchbook piece. i had no idea what i wanted to draw as i put the brush to the paper. i only knew the pallette i wanted, using colors i'm currently in love with. and i had the phrase, "While We're At It...", written on a piece of scrap paper years ago (i'll embellish on that sometime soon). otherwise, the rest is completely free form.

Monday, March 16, 2009

"No More Jennies For You, Kid."

JAMES - i got a new sketchbook. well, actually i bought it in January, but i just finished the last page of my old book. this one is niiiiiice. the paper is amazing - it's made by Fabriano. oooh, it's Italian.
plus i finally broke out the new paint colors i bought the same time i got the sketchbook. y'see, i do get to it all...even if it takes 3 damn months.
also, big ups to the Inside the Rock Poster Frame blog. dude does an amazing job.
lastly, click the link to the right of this column to buy any of the latest prints (Trail of Dead, Blitzen Trapper, & King Khan), or just go to