Monday, December 29, 2008

Her Master's Voice

JAMES - "So she is this debutante, the daughter of a fashion mogul, who became the object of affection for a quite boorish, so-called photographer whose reputation for ______ is only outdone by his ability to ______ his victim's ______. The prick. Lord only knows, her debut was a smashing success."

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tiger On The Doghouse

JAMES - a new poster for the Orange Peel. the bands are pretty country-western, and when i came up with the tiger , i thought it was real cool, but wasn't sure if it'd work for a country group. but i was also trying to solve the problem of what to do with the dark area on the right side, and so adding the upright bass and making the claw marks be the strings solved both problems. the tattered ribbon with a scrawled serif lettering was the clincher.
i did a pencil drawing, at full size 11x7, and then inked it on two layers of very nice, smooth, translucent vellum (one layer for the tiger, one layer for the ribbon and lettering). all with the usual #2 Raphael brush, Black Star india ink, and a Japanese Nikko G nib for the lettering. the lines come out just so smooth on the vellum - this may become an obsession.

detail shot

originally, the poster was commissioned as black & White, but i felt like the introduction of color, especially the 3-D magenta/cyan colors, made it alot more eye-fetching. if you have 3-d glasses, enlarge the top image and try it out. totally works.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Octopus Bike

JAMES - i'm psyched to finally post this. It's a 1978 Raleigh Record Ace that i custom painted for Renaissance Bicycles, a local company that specializes in customizing and restoring vintage bikes. Bryan at Renaissance took the finished frame and tricked it out to make it a serious track bike.
the bike is for sale by Renaissance - here's a link, and it lists all the equipment specs:

when Bryan first contacted me, we talked about possible design directions, and i did some sketches. this is what i came up with.

when i got the frame, it had been stripped of it's original paint and decals and a nice white primer coat had been applied. i mapped the whole thing out with a pencil and an eraser - my body was twisted in and out of that thing trying to get just the right angle to draw on it. i wanted all the tentacles to attach to the head in the front, and keeping track of all the tangles was quite a challenge.

when i got it just how i wanted it, i rubbed it down with alcohol and painted it with enamel paint. the kind you use for sign painting. in retrospect, paint markers may have been an easier way to go, but there's no way i would have gotten some of that texture and flow without the thick enamel paint. but damn, those fumes killed!
i did use paint markers for the black outlines and the white bubbles, and for the lightning bolts on the rims. i'm super proud of how it came out, and i had no idea Bryan was planning to dress it up so nicely. this thing's a monster.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Don't Remember It....

JAMES - another new illo. nice and big, too - 17x18. actually finished it in early November, and finally did the lettering recently and scanned it in. it's all #2 brush, ink on bristol. i'm still not sure if it's strong enough as a straight-up black & white, or if it could use 1 or 2 colors. what do you think?

detail shot

original sketch, 9/24/08

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Protecting The Myth

JAMES - a new illustration, 11"x11", acrylic and ink on watercolor paper.

detail shot