Monday, February 12, 2007

Master Slave

JAMES - Mike Sniper, an incredible illustrator (myspace and gigposter links), is publishing a magazine/program for the power-pop festival he's running in Brooklyn in March. he offered me an ad for Electric Frog, which was real cool of him. so i wanted to do something striking and simple, and now that i think about it, i could totally use this as a sticker of flyer, too.
no real reference this time, but my imagination was sparked by an image in a great book i just got called The Poster In History by Max Gallo. after a quick marker sketch in the ol' sketchbook, i put pencil to paper. working in a 8.5" x 11" space with about a 3/8" boarder - the image will be printed at 50% (4.25"x5.5"). once again, no lightbox - i didn't really need it, plus i didn't want to dwell on this too much. today i hit it with some ink - 'black star' ink; #3 brush for the hands, teeth, hair and eyes; #6 brush to fill in the big spots; #.03 & #1 micron pens for the letterwork and mixing board detail; and a little bit of white FW ink to tighten up the white letters on the mixer. my only concern is the amount of text below the image and how it will transfer when it's reduced. i really couldn't have made it any less wordy, but maybe could've cropped the image more to make space for the words.

New N.C. Art Studio

JAMES - so now that we're about 85% settled here in Hendersonville, NC, Tom asked that i send some pics of the room i turned into an art studio. and besides the pic up top, here's a link to a quick panoramic video of the room.
youtube link
as you can see, everything is spaced nicely, there's tons of light, and i got big fat speakers in my face to keep me rockin' (or yelling at Mike & the Maddog, which i can still hear online. Mike is such a prick). and Tom, there's plenty of space for you to draw in here too when you visit. and not only that, but there's a bathroom in the room, to the left of the computer - so i never have to leave this place!